How To Use Gellen Solid Nail Glue Gel Correctly

How To Use Gellen Solid Nail Glue Gel Correctly

As the press on nails are more and more popular in the market, peoples are need to use the nail glue more frequently. Solid nail glue gel is a good alternative choice rather than traditional UV gel glue.


The Gellen solid nail glue is solid texture but not liquid, non-sticky to hand, available to be re-positioned after apply glue but before curing under UV light.


Then let’s learn how to use this product efficiently.

  1. Pick the nail tips in suitable sizes according to your nails.
  2. File your nails.
  3. Apply base coat.
  4. Sticking the nail tips after applying solid nail glue.
  5. Curing it under UV light.



And the below steps are for removing the solid nail glue gel.

  1. Apply the Gellen glue remover or cuticle oil on it.
  2. Make a small gap between the nail tips and natural nails.
  3. Add more glue remover or cuticle oil inside the gap.
  4. Remove the solid glue via sticks or cuticle pusher.


That’s all about how to use the Gellen solid nail glue gel and how to remove it.

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